John Pemble: Producer

Radio Journalist
Reporter for Iowa Public Radio with an emphasis on filing arts and culture stories for Iowa's version of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Freelance producer for pieces, interviews, and tape synchs for national networks including National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and British Broadcasting Corporation .

Video Journalist and Blogger
Distributed through video sites like
YouTube and Vimeo, some segments are video pieces focused around a news event or artist and others are autobiographical video blogs.

Music Producer
Studio and live venue music recording for classical, jazz, folk, and rock genres as live two track mixes or to a multitrack digital audio workstation. Recording the Des Moines Symphony’s live performances since 2009 at the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines for Iowa Public Radio’s classical music service. As an ambient musician of harmonic atmospheric sonic spaces there are two self published ambient music titles. "Resonance” (1999) and “Subtle Reminders: Juno 60 Ambient Electronic Music” (2008) are in the iTunes and Amazon MP3 online stores. “Full Flavor of the Blue Sky” is the next release in production. Instruments used in these collections include didgeridoo, tribal percussion, and analog synthesizers.